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  • We Brussels

    We Brussels

    WE are a concerned group of citizens, inspired by the emergence of radical democracy in cities like Barcelona and others around the world. We are calling for Brussels inhabitants to come together...

    Super-powers : Consultant

  • Stéphan


    Co-fondateur / CTO, CherryPulp

    Super-powers : Finance, Consultant, Experts, Informatician, Teachers/educators, Others

  • Flavien Bittar

    Flavien Bittar

    Time Master at Cherry Pulp

    Super-powers : -

  • Arnaud Bilande

    Arnaud Bilande

    Gère Quartiers Durables Citoyens/Participatieve Duurzame Wijken

    Super-powers : -

  • Thibault CHARPENTIER

    Thibault CHARPENTIER

    Copywriter SEO - SEA Les Ecrits Du Web Google Partners

    Super-powers : -