Description :

Our vision

vlindr is an initiative that was started in Belgium in 2020, aiming to drive sustainable business and consumption.

We start from a simple observation that we have experienced ourselves, many people are sensitive to sustainable development and ecological transition but do not know where to start and are not ready to put some time in searching for the most sustainable option. This transition is more like a constraint on their daily lives and is therefore a significant obstacle to act upon it.

However, there are many companies around them that offer sustainable alternatives that meet their needs. They deserve to be known and encouraged by facilitating their access to potential customers.

We wish to bring these 2 worlds together on a single platform.Our idea is to be a TripAdvisor of sustainable development where each consumer can find sustainable alternatives close to him/her in a few clicks, benefiting from the strength of the community, both through the opinions of other consumers and through direct interaction with merchants.

Where we are at

Our platform is already up and running in its MVP version, we have more than 200 businesses listed in Belgium and around 20 already manage their page. You can check it out on

We are preparing a soft launch in Belgium to get a confirmation of the value proposition we're bringing to end-users and improve our customer journey

We are currently looking to incubate in Belgium and are looking for any support that could help us grow faster.

Where we need support

Anyone can help us by using our platform, talking about it around you, share some feedback, suggest some businesses to add, possibilities are endless!

More specifically, we are looking people with specific skills to help us on specific aspects:

A webmaster / Web developer to get our website ready for the soft launch (speed optimization, server configuration) A UX/Graphic designer to improve the customer journeys and develop clear how-to guides with visual effects A content strategist / copywriter to help us develop a content strategy that would both attract traffic and improve our SEO ranking A social media specialist to help us develop our social media strategy and tone of voice A sustainability expert to help us build and easy to apply and understand sustainability framework to rank the companies listed on our website

Why we need support?

We have seen that several similar initiatives have been recently launched all around Europe. Most of them have been created by volunteers and NGOs, with their means on their freetime. What they most of the time lacked off is enough traffic to get traction and build a sustainable business model that would help spread the word.

This is the bridge we would like to build so that sustainable businesses get the exposure they deserve

If you share our mindset, please help us in spreading our wings!



We're looking for a webmaster / web developer who can help us improve the speed of our website and advise us on the server configuration needed to handle the traffic we foresee for our launch

We'd also like to get some technical recommendations on what our long-term IT implementation and architecture should be.


We are always looking for people willing to help us grow the network of businesses listed on the platform, provide reviews on existing listings and provide us feedback on the platform


If you are an influencer specialized in promoting sustainable behaviors we would be very glad to get your support to help us grow our user base


We are looking for a sustainability expert / consultant who can help us build an easy to apply and understand sustainability framework to evaluate the companies listed on our platform


We are looking for a content strategist / marketeer who can help us build our content strategy and tone of voice with our customers